Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day

snowballWell the first snow of the season has hit our area. Three out of five of my kids enthusiastically put on their snow gear and headed outside as soon as they saw the snow. It was good packing snow, so they started making a snowman. What fun they had!

snowy dayOf course, with the cold weather here, I've pulled out the hot chocolate. Little DD3 is wearing some on her face.

snow dayWhat a wonderful December day!
Hand-drawn quotes and sayings are from Ali Edwards. I've always wondered if she would have ever thought that her handwriting would be seen in so many places! I love using her quote brushes on my layouts and photos. It just seems to add a personal touch---and her handwriting is way cooler than mine ;) I did have my own handwriting turned into a font though. I still believe that occasionally I should journal in my own handwriting--even if technically it's typing ;)

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