Thursday, June 11, 2009

6 Unimportant Things That I Like

Terra from Finding Me tagged me awhile ago and it's taken this long to get around to posting this(I'm so sorry! )

1. Messing with avatar photos (see photo above which was done using PhotoFunia --the guy playing the Rubik's cube is my dh)

2. Drinking Coke. Not Diet Coke but the full sugar-loaded Classic Coke (photo and layout by me using products from
3. Checking in on my favorite message boards each day.
4. Creating printables, digital art and scrapbook pages (though I think that the latter could fall into the category of very important ;) )
5. Blogging? That's important isn't it? :)
6. Reading Christian historical fiction books.

So what are some things that you enjoy? I'd love to read about it!



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