Thursday, November 3, 2011

Experiencing Apples

I’ve done lots of apple-themed activities in the past with my kids, and wasn’t really planning on doing much with apples this fall. Sometimes I forget that though I’ve done these “apple” events and activities over and over again, my littlest ones really haven’t. God must have known that my littles needed some apple experiences this fall!


On a recent fall weekend, my 4 youngest children and I had the day to ourselves. I decided we should get out and visit our local museum. I totally forgot it was apple-festival day there! We walked in to apple-activities galore and my kids thought I planned this. I love it when that happens. :)

cider-press cider-press2 cider-press3

One of the first activities the girls came across was making homemade apple cider using an old cider press. It was hard work smashing up those apples!


We got to taste our own batch of apple cider too.


Next we moved on to the apple-tasting table. My 3-year old was so shocked that they were letting her eat apples! The presenter shared facts about each type of apple and then they voted for their favorite apple.


Not only did they get to taste apples, they got to eat apple pie too! Boy was it delicious! Yes, we came on the right day!

The girls had the opportunity to guess how many apples were in the basket. It warmed my heart and made me smile when they told me their guesses. My 3-year old told me there were 5 apples. My 4.5yr. old said some unreasonable number like 2,000.

We also spent some time visiting the apple orchard store where they have a huge apple-cider press. We walked along the garden paths and totally enjoyed this unplanned apple experience. Thanks God for this special memory!

Just in case you are curious to what we’ve done in the past, you can find several apple-themed printables and activities in my archives.

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