Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical

If your homeschool follows a more classical approach, you might be interested in Easy Classical. (Not sure what classical is? You can read a short introduction about the classical philosophy here .)


I was given a copy of the Early Modern History schedule to look over:
“Your child will take a fascinating journey alongside explorers who discovered the Americas, and rebels who fought in the Revolutionary war. We have taken the time to carefully interconnect the study of history with geography, art, writing, and read-alouds”
The schedule is a 36 week schedule.  Each week includes:

History Reading
Hands-On Projects/Activities
Review Questions
Shopping List of items needed for the next week

See for yourself what the schedule looks like: Early Modern History Sample

The curriculum is all planned out for you.  At first glance the schedule looks easy to follow. It is set up similar to another curriculum I used, so the layout made sense to me. Since I did not have all the books, materials or products to actually implement the program, I’m just going on looking at the schedule itself. We all know that reading a schedule and implementing it are two different things. I do like the review questions right on the page and the list of things needed for the next week. Those are very helpful  items to have in plain view. In order to implement this schedule you will need to get the books and materials. You can find the complete listing of all the books required to complete this history schedule here.

Price for the History Schedules:
notebook version- $35.95
digital version- $29.95
There are also
complete content area schedules available as well as science

To see what other TOS Members had to say: Disclosure: I am a member of TOS and I was given this product free for review purposes only. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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