Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing Supplies, Oh My!

Last night I actually had a couple of great Valentine project ideas and was looking forward to creating and sharing today. When I went to get started I couldn't find any of my supplies!

white cardstock
tape runner
pencils (where oh where do these all go?!)

I hate it when I finally have inspiration, I can't get anything done! Where oh, where have all my supplies gone (sung to the tune of "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone") :)

So instead of crafting I worked with some of my photos instead.
 Youngest dd loves wearing this princess hat. I originally was only going to pull it out for birthdays, but I thought the hat would get more use if I left it in the toy box.

I also decided to open a Zazzle store featuring some of my favorite photos. I don't have much there yet, but will in the upcoming months.(If there is a big blank spot in your reader, it is where a flash panel showcasing my stuff is located. Click on the Zazzle link to see)

I know things have been slow on my end here in the blogosphere. The dreary January days are not helping me be creative and I have terrible lighting in my house which doesn't allow for good pictures. Being a perfectionist of sorts, I don't bother when I know it won't be good. --lol. I'm so looking forward to spring!!



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