Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making Christmas Meaningful: Crafts

Making Christmas MeaningfulThis week I am featuring Christmas crafts that help tell the story of the Savior's birth, or have some significance in making your Christmas meaningful.

Jesse Tree Ornaments
Several years ago my children made Jesse Tree ornaments for our tree. A Jesse Tree or Jesus Tree, has ornaments that retell the story of Jesus' family tree. The picture above isn't an official Jesse Tree ornament, but that year the kids really got into the groove and filled the tree with all sorts of paper ornaments. I believe that was my son's self-portrait.

Jesse Tree:

Kendra at The Pumpkin Patch made a fabric Jesse Tree.
Here's the post that shows how she made her ornaments out of clay.

Now Jesus Tree Decorations is an awesome resource for this project. They have two free sets of ornament printables black and white and colored. In the already colored set, there are also some updated versions of some of the ornaments in black and white. I think this is what my family is going to use this year.

Here is another resource that has printable ornaments and a devotional to go along with the Jesse Tree.

For some Advent and Jesse Tree craft ideas, this PDF has patterns and ideas.

More Advent and Jesse Tree links listed on the Advent Lapbook Resources page by photojenic.

So link up your Christmas crafts that help make your Christmas meaningful. Please make sure that you are posting the permalink to the exact post, not just to your homepage.

Here's the main Making Christmas Meaningful post. There are free printable pages for starting your own Family Traditions Notebook. You can find them in the organization category link and the books/music link. They are also located in the free printables box listed in the left-hand sidebar.

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