Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum

Wilbur Wright Last week we went to the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum in Millville, IN. They held their first homeschooling days event--and I think they were pretty shocked at the turn-out. There were so many homeschoolers from IN and OH who attended. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate though---it rained all day. The bad weather didn't stop the event and the museum did a good job at planning many stations around the campus.

The Wright Brothers
Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum During the even they had 16 stations around the campus. At this station younger children could ride in a plane that moved up and down with water pressure. We also got to tour the house--which even had the Wright Brother's parents and grandmother leading the tour, see the barn and view a couple of demonstrations there, view the museum and so much more.

The Wright Brothers At one station in the museum, kids could make their own propellers. My son was thrilled to be able to use tools. He stayed at this station for a very long time. I think that this might make a good Christmas gift...scrap wood and tools.

There were also rope making demonstrations, blacksmith, loom weaving and so many instructors willing to share what they knew. I would highly recommend stopping in and seeing this museum. It's a jewel in the middle of corn (fields that is---lol).

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