Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scrapbook Layout: Play

Digital Scrapbooking

Supplies Used:
Sprinkles Kit by Mindy Terasaw
Classified Clippings by Pattie Knox
Play WordArt No.1 by Anna Aspnes
Brown Stitching by Anna Aspnes
Avalanche Paperie 5 by Anna Aspnes
Designer Digitals

It has been awhile since I've scrapped a layout from scratch. I've done a few pages here and there using quick pages and templates, but I haven't just done my own thing. Now it isn't bad to just use quick pages and templates--they are a wonderful resource for scrapping! In fact, if I didn't mix it up occasionally, I'd probably never get anything done. :) It's just that I haven't felt very creative lately when it comes to scrapping. Usually that is my thing---my medium to get my creative juices flowing. I miss being in the scrapping zone. So when I opened my window to start a new page, I was stuck(I'm digital scrapping so I'm talking about my computer window--lol). I've gone through this cycle many times through the years. Here are some things I've learned about getting your grove back:

1. Start simple. If you've hit a creative block, don't put pressure on yourself to create a masterpiece.

-Use a template or sketch as a starting point, but switch it up a bit. Twist it, shrink it, or alter it.
-Use one kit to create a layout. In my layout above, I decided to have all my pattern papers come from the same kit (that's rare for me--I'm usually an eclectic scrapper). That way I didn't have to make so many choices--like decide if the papers went together or not. When papers come in a kit, they usually go together.

2. Focus on either the photos or the journaling. I know that when I'm breaking out of a rut, it is hard to pull both the journaling and the photos together. I have found that if I focus on just one, then the layout comes together quicker. For instance, when I looked at the pictures I wanted to scrap, I could not think of anything intelligent, though-provoking, or insightful to write. I knew then that I would focus on the photos instead. Try a photo-treatment, extraction, blending, cool grouping etc. when focusing on photos.

Othertimes when looking at the photos a story or funny tid-bit comes to mind, so I focus on the story with the photo being secondary (the photo is still included, it's just that I don't spend alot of time being artsy or creative with it. I use my brain-power to work the words). Then when you get in the groove, you'll find that the words w/ the photos seem to flow.

3. Ummm, I had a 3rd point but now I can't remember... late night blogger brain.

Anyway, I hope my two points were helpful! :) Getting back in the groove...

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Thanks for the tips!
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Blogger Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Love this layout, thanks for sharing!

May 3, 2010 at 10:57 AM  

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