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Scrapbooking as an Educational Tool Part2

Scrapbooking as an Educational Tool
S.E.T. Scrapbooking Part 2

I listed some of the benefits of using scrapbooking as an educational tool in my previous post. I've been thinking about this subject for a couple of weeks, so the kids and I worked on some pages to show you what S.E.T. scrapbooking could look like in your school.

For one of her notebooking assignments for her insect class, my oldest daughter wrote about bees. We used a quick page, added the title and added the little bee. Then we typed in what she had written down on her notebooking page. I took the photo while visiting a butterfly garden. We just had to add it under the photo opening on the quick page. A very simple way to have kids start to scrapbook.

Now this page shows how you can incoporate 3-D memorabilia. This spring the kids went around the house and picked maple seeds/seedlings in various stages. Then they created their own visual of the stages. I took a picture of it and my oldest daughter incorporated it on her scrapbook page. She created this whole page herself.

This is a page my middle DD and I worked on. We used another quick page to make the layout. Since she is younger, I had her dictate to me about insects while I typed. The picture is of her holding a praying mantis nymph.

During the previous election season, I had my kids do their own stuffed animal elections. They each had to create a campaign poster for their candidate. This one was created by my oldest DD.

This one was created by my DS. After each campaign poster was made, they made their own 2min. campaign speech via a flip-video recorder. We uploaded both the pictures and the videos and had people vote. It was a great learning activitiy.

So here are just a few examples of S.E.T. scrapbooking. To give you a hint on how well it is going over at our house, my ds announced to me that he is only doing two things for school today, taking his math test and working on his scrapbooking page. :) Tomorrow I'll be posting on how to get started and some tips and tricks to implementing scrapbooking, whether paper or digital, into your school routine.

Bee Layout Credits:
Alicia Quick-Page by Lynn Grieveson
Alicia Alphabet by Lynn Grieveson
Whimsy Doodle Brushes by Katie Pertiet

Bug Layout Credits:
Bug Quick-Page by Katie Pertiet
Seeds Layout Credits:
Downtown papers by Katie Pertiet
Book by Katie
Clean Clusters No. by Katie Pertiet
Vote Tiger
Vote Bear

Buttons by Katie Pertiet



Anonymous Crazy in Alaska said...

What a FAB idea! I love scrapbooking myself, and think this concept may work wonderfully with my 3 girls!

August 25, 2009 at 6:23 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

You're such an amazing mom! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have you in my Google Reader, but the posts don't show up...just the titles. What kind of evil setting do you have enabled that won't let me read your feed? I should just come over here and read it, I guess...your blog is so cute!

August 25, 2009 at 6:26 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

OK, I have done digital scappin B4-but not to any great extent, and want to use it for school-??? tho-do you print the pages? Use Costco or what? I am trying to see if the time to create it and the cost is worth it. I mean, I have a lot of scrappin stuff-so I am wondering if putting it on paper is more favorable vs the digital time/cost to print. Any advice on this would be most helpful. I would love to have my high schooler do her history notebook using the digi scrap technique, but she can easily use the stuffage I have flooding my craft area....

September 11, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

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