Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Tea

This week we have officially started school. We're easing into the routine (more for my sake!). Over the past year we have randomly done "Tuesday Tea". I blogged about one of our Tues. Tea parties last April. We were doing Shakespeare back then. Today while we enjoyed our tea, I read Johnny Tremain. It is one of our Core 3 Read-Alouds from Sonlight

Doesn't our set-up look so pretty? My mom gave us some of our family's heirloom tea cups, tea pots and glass dishes. Her philosophy is that you can't create memories with them if you leave them in a china cabinet. I still get nervous watching the kids use them.

We are such a proper tea-drinking family. Oh, you noticed---we use white tea. Ok, ok, we can't stand tea so we usually have milk, water or juice in our fancy tea cups

My older daughter made mini-blueberry muffins for use to enjoy with our "tea". My middle daughter (pic. above) and her brother (pic. below) really know how to polish off those muffins.

So here's to throwing our first tea party of the year! It is one of our favorite "school" traditions.



Blogger Diane said...

Very fun! I might try to do this with my daughter on special occasions. Maybe like the 100th day of school.

August 18, 2009 at 6:47 PM  

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