Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nursery Rhymes: Little Bo Peep

Oh Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep---- and we found them! This was our first week working with nursery rhymes. We did crafts and/or activities two days out of the week, and the other days we read our nursery rhyme book and retold the rhyme several different ways. My 3yr. old almost has the poem memorized already! One fun way of retelling (which I did not get a picture of) was using a lamb puppet. The lamb puppet would help her "read" the story. Then it would run away and I'd have to find it. :)

I won't have a sensory tub for each rhyme (check out the Nursery Rhyme sensory tub by Sarah on Totally Tots), but I had enough stuff to make a Little Bo Peep activity tub. I placed cotton balls, white pom poms, plastic sheep, and sheep printouts into a plastic bin.

My daughter helped Little Bo Peep sort her sheep by size. Just print out the sorting mat and cards below to complete this activity.


* Print out more sheep cards and create patterns: big, small, big, small, ________ etc.
* Get large foam dice. Roll the dice and then add that many sheep to the pen.
* Use the sheep as counters.
* Talk about how we make clothing etc. from sheep's wool. Have your child collect the wool aka cotton balls and place into a bucket.
* My daughter just have fun playing with all the sheep. She had her own flock that she took care of for a day.

We also did a simple sheep craft along with a Bible devotional. Check out my post at Totally Tots for more information.

You can keep up with all our Nursery Rhyme activities on my Nursery Rhyme page.

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Blogger Vicky said...

Love the sensory tub idea! I am a new FB fan visiting from No Time For Flashcards. Vicky from Mess For Less

February 5, 2012 at 2:58 PM  

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