Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Birthday Party Sensory Bin

One thing everyone has in common is a birthday. What kid doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays? I thought I’d bring some birthday fun to my toddler and preschool co-op class this past week. We did many activities for our preschool birthday theme. One activity was a birthday party sensory bin.


I filled our tub with Magic Nuudles (biodegradable building blocks) and birthday-related toys and objects that I found around our home. Some things in the bin were:

play food—cakes, cupcakes
party horns
birthday candles
birthday-theme little people
barrel of monkeys (went along with The Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake)
wrapped presents (play toys)


It was interesting to see what parts of the bin certain children enjoyed most. One little girl quickly dug around until she had all the Little People. She set them up so that they celebrated their own birthday party.


The party horns were a big hit with several of the kids (including my 2 girls!) One little boy used his horn to scatter the Nuudles all over the table. It turned into a fun game that the others did too. I love that he came up with that on his own.


The fun thing about Magic Nuudles is that if you lightly wet the Nuudles with a sponge, they stick to each other. This allows for all kinds of creative building fun!

This was just one of the many activities we did at our preschool birthday party. I’ll be posting some more during the week.

birthdayhatfavor2d P.S. Did you download the cute Cupcakes & Candles game by Mama Jenn? The link was posted on Facebook yesterday. If you missed it, check out the Birthday Party Central page. There’s a new birthday preschool pack posted on Facebook today from Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations. Head on over to my Facebook page and pick it up!


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