Friday, September 25, 2009

Phriday Photoshop Phun

So how many people cringed when they saw the spelling in the title? LOL! Yes, my attempt at humor and being clever. I know, I know--I'm trying too hard :)

Today a friend came over and had me show her some stuff in Photoshop Elements. It's when someone asks you to teach them something when you realize you don't really know that much! LOL! It didn't help that I just upgraded my PSE version and am still trying to get used to my Bamboo tablet. I hope she was able to understand my ramblings and pick up a few tips and tricks!

After meeting with her, I decided to mess around with a current photo I took. I tried some of the new effects, messed with brushes and layers. You can see the before and after pics. below. I like how it turned out.

black cat

black cat art



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