Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SpellQuizzer: Review

My kids aren't great spellers. There. I said it. In fact that was the whole reason I went on a curriculum hunt last year before finally picking our current spelling curriculum, which has worked out great for us.

Then recently, Dan Hite from SpellQuizzer (all one word) invited me to try out the SpellQuizzer software. Since two of my kids are motivated by anything on the computer, I figured it was worth checking out. I'm glad I did!

My son offered to help me with this review. He worked through several of the test lists. Then I had him create his own list. Can you guess what his topic was? The funny thing is that I had no idea we even had a microphone. When I told him he needed one, he went to his room and brought it out. He had it just sitting on his dresser!

Next I worked with the software (sorry, no picture as it is hard to type, speak and take a photo at the same time). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed using SpellQuizzer!

Things I liked:

* Compatible with any spelling program. You can add words directly from your curriculum or make up your own word lists.

* No frills and I like that! No fancy graphics, mazes, or music to distract the kids. They knew they were learning spelling or vocabulary and they stayed on task.

* Easy to use. Once you download it onto your computer, it is very easy to enter new lists or download premade spelling lists from the SpellQuizzer website. In fact, this is a big selling point for me. I showed my son once how to create a list and add words, and he was able to do it on his own. So now that I know he can do it, I can have him enter his own lists, or even create lists for his other siblings.

* No need to be on the internet. Since it is a downloadable program, you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it. This is a nice option to have as sometimes my kids don't have internet access.

* Ability to add voice recordings. This feature really makes it fun and versatile. If I could only show you how silly my son and I were being when doing the voice recordings.

* More than one use. Not only can you record the word and use for spelling,but you can also use it for vocabulary review. I recorded our zoology definitions and then typed the answer in the word bank. Then when practicing, my kids heard the definition and then typed the right answer (I gave them a list of the words to choose from because they were hard to spell for memory).
Oh, and since they have to type the words, they are practicing typing---another skill they need more practice on!

So it is safe to say that SpellQuizzer will be a part of our homeschool toolbox this year. I'm looking forward to implementing it with our curriculum.

**You can win your own SpellQuizzer software by entering my BCCO giveaway

For one more extra entry, tell me if you are a natural speller or not. Leave your comment on the original SpellQuizzer giveaway post (link listed above).

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