Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Can Hardly Recognize Them!

Oh, who can this be? Why it's dd#3! She was so funny walking around wearing the glasses and nose.
Now this girl I can hardly recognize! This is DD#2 about 4 years ago! She has grown up so much since this picture was taken.

And this, did my DD#1 actually look this young? She's hitting the tween years now. I remember back then she seemed so old, but now seeing the photo, I realize how young she really was.

And I sure miss this little guy. He had such an infectious laugh (I'm sure it will come back). Right now he's straddling between being a kid and a tween and it isn't pretty--lol. Some days I still catch glimpses of his once happy-g0-lucky self. Oh change---inevitable and necessary---but sometimes I wish it didn't happen so fast.



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