Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Tips Part 1

The other day I wrote about how my family might be going on a real camping trip versus just camping out in our backyard (My DH is having some downtime on our backyard camping trip in the photo above). You can read the original post here. In that post I asked for some camping tips and I thought I'd share a few of the responses.

Kristin had a ton of advice (check the comments in the original post)
* Have the right attitude and mindset! She is so right---I need to go in thinking that this will be fun, this will be fun, this will be fun ;)
* Pack stuff in Rubbermaid containers. She specifically said kitchen supplies, but I think it could apply to other stuff too.
* Pick a place that has amenities (I did and it was called a hotel--lol!) Yeah, we're not going to be doing any primitive camping any time soon. I do think she has a point that a nice restroom is a must.
* Pack toliet paper. Thanks for the reminder. I probably would have forgot.

also brought up some good points:
* Eat Poptarts, granola bars and easy stuff.
* Pack NyQuil to get the kids to sleep after the sugar-high.
* Don't camp near the restrooms.

Now Cia Huston Dreves blogged a whole post that is extremely thorough with great tips. Her post can be found here: Budget Camping-Super Summer Fun

Thank you all for helping me out! Now I'd love to hear some good camping stories---the good, the bad and the funny! And if you have any other camping tips, packing tips etc. still send them my way.



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