Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful Girlhood Bible Study

My oldest daughter is now 13yrs. old. I know it is said time and time again that kids grow up fast. They do. I'm trying to set aside some intentional time for us to talk and do things together. I was looking for a Bible study to use with her, and while I was at the Relevant Conference, I met Shelley Noonan who just happened to have several Bible study companion guides for moms to do with their daughters. I chose Beautiful Girlhood revised by Karen Andreola and The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood by Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach.

What is it?

Beautiful Girlhood was originally written by Mabel Hale in the 1940's and revised by Karen Andreola in 1993. This book guides girls through the path of girlhood to womanhood by sharing Christian virtues and ideals of womanhood.

The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood by Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach is the Bible study component that goes along with the book. This study is best for girls ages 9 -13.

What We Thought:

Since my middle daughter fit in the age range of this series, I decided to do this study with both my 9yr. old and my 13yr. old. My desire was to be able to open up communication about becoming women  of virtue and the challenges they either are facing or will be facing as they grow up. I was excited to start the study but a little apprehensive of the early 1900's language. Would we be able to relate?

We've worked through several chapters with me reading aloud. I have to admit that I am impressed with the timeless advice this book gives. What makes me enjoy this book even more is the Companion Guide. I would be lost without it. Shelley gives discussion questions for each chapter, Bible activities and applications, and journal topics. My daughters and I have had some very good discussions because of this companion book, and for that I am truly grateful. On the Btwixt and Btween blog, Shelley has started an online study of the book, but you can peek in on the blog posts she has written for each chapter of the book (well they aren't all written yet because they haven't finished the study.) I like to read her post on the chapter we are going to read so that I know what to be thinking about as we do our study for that week.

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I am looking forward to finishing this series with my girls and will post an update when we do!

Disclosure: I received a free set of books for review purposes only. Opinions are mine.

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