Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WW2 Final Projects

This past session in our local co-op, my oldest two children studied World War II. The team of teachers did a wonderful job going all out to teach different events. They did so many more hands-on activities and learning than I would have had time to do if I taught this at home. I appreciated all the hard work those teachers did.

For their final projects, each student had to have a 1-2 page typed report, a project and then give a presentation to the whole co-op.

My daughter chose to study Corrie Ten Boom. She read at least 5 different books about Corrie. She was hooked on learning more about this courageous woman! I was proud of her because speaking in front of people was a new skill for her and she was very nervous. She did a good job!

My son chose to learn more about the Tuskegee Airmen.

His favorite part was creating his first model airplane. We found a model of the P-51 Mustang airplane that Tuskegee airmen flew. With some help from his dad, he was able to finish this model just in time for the presentation.

He also did a good job on the presentation. I think this was a wonderful experience for the both of them.

For more World War 2 resources see:

Jimmie's Collage --she posted a lapbook and resources that she used with her daughter when teaching about WW2

World War II for Kids -- book that has great hands-on activities and projects. We used this several times during the unit.

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