Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Summer Fun!

I'm excited to announce a new series that I'll be co-hosting with my friend, Sarah, from Digital Reflections called "Big Summer Fun!" (And my apologies in advance to my international friends who are heading into the fall/winter season---I hope you'll still enjoy the ideas in the months to come! :) )

Our goal is to showcase some ways to have fun with your children and create memories. Some activities might cost a little, some might require some planning, and others are completely free. Having Big Summer Fun doesn't mean we have to break the budget. It does mean spending some time--planned or spontaneous, with our children. Here's some of what is to come:

Sarah is a mom of 4 who enjoys when school is out so that she can spend more time with her children. She loves to go all out with craft clubs, theme weeks and projects. She is amazing at what she puts together for her children and their friends. Some of the things up her sleeve for this summer are: Egypt Unit, Italy Unit, Ocean Life and Decade Days.

Maureen is a homeschooling mom of 5 who is a master at winging it. :) I will be touching on how to mix planned activities with spontaneuos ones, and activities that aren't necessarily time-intensive. My forte is planning toddler activities, but since I do have some older kids, I might even showcase some things for them too. ;)

We hope you all will join in with your ideas and blog posts. Feel free to snag the blog button too. We'll be setting up McLinky's each month, having give-aways, guest posters and more. All new Big Summer Fun posts will be posted on Mondays alternating between Spell Outloud and Digital Reflections now through the end of July. (Don't worry, we'll both let you know where to find the newest posts! :) )

As Sarah puts it:

"It doesn't have to be something planned or scheduled, it doesn't have to be something spectacular or expensive, you just have to BE there, BE responsive to their ideas, BE ready for anything, BE creative, BE silly, BE spontaneous...just BE with your kids."

Be ready for some Big Summer Fun!



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