Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ice Cream Counting Activity


Here’s a fun way to practice counting and fine motor skills at the same time. We placed a scoop of playdough ice cream in the green bowl. We had a bowl full of “cherries” aka red pom poms.  I would ask my daughter to place ______ cherries on her scoop of ice cream. You could also use a large dice, Educational Cube inserts, or number cards and have those tell your child how many cherries to place on their sundae.

icecreamnumbers (click to go to download page)


I’ll have one or two more ice cream themed posts and then I’m passing the baton on to 2Teaching Mommies who will be adding more printables to this theme. We hope that the combination of our ideas and printables will give you lots of fun options to do with your children over the summer.

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