Saturday, March 27, 2010

All About Spelling Organization

We have been using All About Spelling for a couple years now and really love it. I wrote a post awhile ago about what we like about this spelling curriculum. You can read more about it: School Planning: All About Spelling.

One of the key components of this spelling curriculum are the letter tiles and the cards. Since we already have one big wall in our "school room" with a large magnetic dry-erase board, I purchased a medium magnetic dry-erase board to store all the extra tiles. When the kids are working, we can take down the extra tiles to get what we need. The whole alphabet is always up on the large dry-erase board. The kids do their tile-work on the big board. We've had the tiles for 2yrs. and haven't lost any yet! That is a huge accomplishment in our house ;)

Of course there are other options as well.  You can store the tiles by category in ziplock bags and then use a cookie tray to do the tile work.  You can read about how others store their tiles and cards at the Chatter Bee: Organization (I'm not sure if you have to sign-up to be able to read anything or not, but if you want tons of info. on AAS, the ChatterBee is where to find it)

Now for the key cards etc. I store each level in a 4x6 index card file box. Then I have all the levels that we are using plus the teacher's manual in a Sterilite cart (kind of a workbox system for myself) So when it is time to do spelling, I just go to my drawer and pull out what we need. This has worked great for me. I actually have all the subjects that I have to teach in their own drawer in this cart. Now I always know where my teacher manuals/books are located. This has saved me some serious time! :)



Blogger Jennifer said...

That seems very organized. I'd love to see how you store all your curriculum. We are using AAS level 1 right now and I just received level 2 for next year. I noticed that it suggests storing the word cards from both levels together for review purposes. Where do you get a filing system big enough for that? Also, I'd love to know more about how you go through the lessons (I'm assuming it takes several days to do one lesson?).

March 27, 2010 at 9:47 PM  
Blogger Mozer said...

I don't store the word cards from both levels in the same box. I have the cards from each level in their own index card boxes. If we need to review past words or key cards from a previous level I just pull out that index box. I'm sorry if I made that confusing. You are right---there are too many green cards to fit more than one level in a box! I do keep all the index card boxes from each level in one drawer in my Sterilite cart. So right now we are doing 3 levels, so I have 3 boxes in the drawer. Hope that makes sense. :)

March 28, 2010 at 8:15 PM  

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