Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuesday Tea on Thursday

Last year we started a tradition called Tuesday Tea. I wish I could take the credit for implementing such a clever idea, but I can't. I got the idea from the BraveWriter website. Basically, as a family you read poetry or books over tea. It is an intentional time to create a memory with your family while introducing them to good literature. Last year we did Tuesday Tea pretty faithfully. My mom even gave the kids their own china cups to use. My oldest DD likes to go all out for Tuesday Tea. She makes sure that we have some sort of baked good to eat (by either reminding me to make something or making something herself). She likes to pull out the tablecloth and artfully set the table (or picnic table) for this occasion. She makes it special.

So today since there was nothing to eat for breakfast, I decided to make a double batch of chocolate, chocolate chip muffins. I was not thinking "Tuesday Tea," well because one, we've been hit or miss with it all year long, and two, it was Thursday. The fragrant smell of muffins baking must have reminded DD about this tradition. Before I knew it, the picnic table was set, the muffins were carefully arranged on a plate and a pizza was baking (she decided to make it a tea/lunch). She even brought out the two Shakespeare books I had checked out from the library a month ago but never got to. [My intentions were to start a short 2-week Shakespeare unit--and do this annually-- so that my kids would have exposure and background information for when they had to read the real deal in a couple of years.] You know, I realized today that I missed doing Tuesday Tea, and learning about Shakespeare was kind of fun. I'm going to have to make a better effort to keep the tradition going.

Shakespeare Resources
We are just starting out this unit, so most of these resources I am hoping to get through within the next couple of weeks. If you know of any other good resources, I'd love to hear about them. Here's what I have found so far:


Resource Website:

Shakespeare's Storybook: Folk Tales that Inspired the Bard (I think my DD read the whole book today)

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Blogger sarah said...

I love this idea and think we will embrace it this summer. We love to read together already but making it something special will be such a nice treat. Thanks for passing along the idea and those muffins sound really good, too!

April 3, 2009 at 12:43 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

that's sweet! we do something like that here with my three year old...we have the "Book and Munch Lunch"...we just eat a lunch, but we read books during lunch outloud to her of course! she loves it and asks for it often..unfortunately sometimes i'm just too busy to do it :( i should make more time for our little tradition.

June 8, 2010 at 7:57 PM  

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