Sunday, March 29, 2009


Besides this blog, I also write articles, or "lenses" on Squidoo. I write there for two main reasons. I enjoy the community of support, especially the RocketMoms community and Giant Squid community, and I like the ability to add multiple features in one article. If you'd like more information, or would like to sign up, let me know and I'll help walk you through your first article.

All About Me:
Spell Outloud's Scrapbook
Spell Outloud's Zazzle Gallery

Bible/Christian Faith:
The Wordless Book

How to Make an Altered Composition Book
Valentine Candy Holders
I Spy Bottles
Printable Halloween Crafts

Digital Scrapbooking Articles:
Educational Scrapbooking
Quick Pages

Holiday Articles:
Birthday Party for Jesus
Christmas Crafts Video Showcase
How to Make a Christmas Photo Card
Snowman Party
Printable Halloween Crafts
Valentine Candy Holders

Homeschool/Education Articles:
Butterfly Unit for Young Children
Working the Workboxes
Toddler Workboxes
Best of Workboxes on Twitter
Toddler Turtle Unit
Pattern Blocks for Toddlers

Local Articles:
Muncie Animal Rescue

Misc. Articles:
The Perfect Beginner's Bike

Pumpkin Squares Dessert

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