Friday, September 30, 2011

Minnetrista: Nature Study Field Trip

If you are ever in the East Central Indiana area, one great museum and gardens to visit is Minnetrista. The museum has exhibits, presentations, and classes. Right now they have The Bones exhibit, which goes perfectly with our anatomy unit. Along with the museum there are many garden areas along a walking path and Oakhurst Gardens. We especially love to visit the gardens, which are free.


Sculpture Outside Minnetrista Museum

We love to come to Minnetrista to do nature studies, and try to come at least one time during each season. Many times my kids bring their clipboards, nature study notebook pages and colored pencils along.

Is it fall already? Well as you can tell, these aren’t recent pictures. We visited the gardens at the end of August---which seems like just yesterday. This is one of the little ponds my girls love to explore. Usually there are goldfish and snails in there. If you come at the right time, you can spot tadpoles too.


There are so many little areas to observe nature. This water lily was floating in the Children’s Garden area.


We like to keep track of the different types of animals we spot each time.

It is the perfect place to do nature studies and stretch your legs.


Or jump if you prefer.


We need to visit soon because right now there is apple cider at the Orchard Shop. I’m sure the leaves are all changing colors too (unless they all blew off  in this last storm).

Minnetrista is like having a nature center in my own backyard—except I don’t have to mow or weed. :)  We enjoy the gardens and the many educational opportunities that are offered here.

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