Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ziggy the Zebra

ziggy the zebra

Meet Ziggy. Ziggy the Zebra (What? You’ve never seen a purple and blue zebra before?)

 Ziggy the Zebra 2

This week we started All About Reading Pre-Level 1. When I purchased my set, I did not get the puppet. After reading other reviews on how their children just loved the puppet, I decided I should get a zebra too. I was skeptical that it would be very helpful though.


Boy was I wrong! My girls love Ziggy. When we are ready to start our lesson, I tell them that it’s Ziggy Time and they come quickly.  My 4yr. old and Ziggy lead us in singing the ABC song.


Of course so there will be no tears, my other daughter gets to use the pencil pointer while we are singing. The next day they switch props.


We also play games with Ziggy. Right now Ziggy is helping the girls understand rhyming words.  Ziggy also reads a letter poem each day. Ziggy is so smart!


Sometimes playful props really do aid in learning. It makes it more like pretend play with a touch of learning added in for good measure. I’m glad I decided that we needed a “Ziggy” in the house.

Here are two free Ziggy the Zebra e-books:

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Blogger Jackie H. said...

Those puppets sure are a magical teaching tool! My boys will listen to a puppet even if they are having a meltdown and won't listen to me. If I put a puppet on my hand and the puppet tells them to put their shoes on, boom, they do it. Crazy stuff :)

September 6, 2011 at 9:24 PM  

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